I’ve been a photographer since a very young age when my Father Michael (RIP) taught me about photography. Sitting me down with his film camera and filters and explaining how things work hands on. Saying to me “Teach your kids to use a camera and they will never have money for drugs”. Ha! I enjoy all types of photography but lately, street photography (a la Vivian Maier), macro and nature are my current drive. I am working on several books and possibly shows of photography along these veins at the moment.
I’ve been photographing bands for magazines, film, tv, print, documentaries and for fun since the 90s in Los Angeles. I started shooting film in St. Louis in the 70s and 80s.
I am a singer songwriter musician, but enjoy photographing my friends and fellow musicians on stage, though I would rather be up there singing and playing rather than shooting.
One of my photo mentors while I was shooting Coachella was David Atlas of Rolling Stone. Sadly David passed unexpectedly and it has made me too sad to come back to Coachella to shoot since his passing… maybe some day.

More images to come soon…

Gargoyle at Notre-Dame – Allison McFarland